Update 1

The first patch (14th) addresses various feedback and smaller issues:

  • Added quit to main menu button
  • Added Volume sliders
  • Added Graphic settings saving
  • Added 4th Page in Settings with unlockable cheats
  • Improved Tutorial
  • Improved certain environment hitboxes and sounds
  • Escape menu now fully pauses
  • Fixed shield damage bug
  • Fixed Boss 1 exploit
  • Improved Beta splash screen
  • Added cursor color change on low props

Known Issues: 

  • Fullscreen / Window mode inconsistencies 
  • Face melter item causes too many explosions with shotguns
  • Music Volume not fully working (Master Volume works)
  • Recycling certain items causes a crash (Try avoid recycling any items that shoot something)

What we want to adress in the next patch is the more gameplay related feedback, that will come in a couple days.

Have fun! 


SynthetikBeta.zip 266 MB
Sep 14, 2017
Synthetik.zip 267 MB
Sep 14, 2017

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