Update 3

Patch 3 -------------------------------------------------------

  • Fixed Third boss not working 
  • Switched first and second boss and made the old second Boss harder
  • Bosses Save data on kill
  • Added a lot of items towards chest drop pool which will make chest drops a lot more varied
  • Fixed weapon chests not being guaranteed
  • Legendary drops now mostly obtainable from cursed chests
  • 2 New Attachments
  • Fixed R5K only gaining 2 ammo
  • Changed main menu background (WIP)
  • Added idle track for main menu and ingame
  • Varied bugs and crashes fixed but not all known
  • Started iteration on making classes more defined:
  • Most ammo types are now class specific
  • Added a couple of bullets of existing ammo types
  • (8.8mm and 9mm now has Armor piercing bullets etc)
  • Guardian can find shield pickups
  • Commando can find powerups
  • Changed varied vials and each class has one class vial
  • More class additions to come

This is not the patch working on the third and fourth floor,  and more of a fix for the third boss crash with a bunch of changes added in between 

Have fun!

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