Update 9 - Biggest update yet!

Hey everyone

Update 9 is finally live, and its the biggest we have had so far, even bigger than the enormous last ones.

The most important stuff shorly summarized:

  • Big iteration on most environments with improved visuals and flow!
  • Many enemies have new abilities / improvements
  • New weapons with more crazy effects
  • New special weapon perks & effects for nearly all older weapons
  • New challenge quests, new room events
  • New challenge ring items
  • Daily perk boni system! &  Perk overdrive now also buffs team perk
  • All classes start with one extra item!
  • Revamped research menu
  • Improved explosion performance and hit feeling
  • New Big Brother difficulty mode for hosts
  • New powerups, now all for all classes
  • Floor 4 Design revised
  • New choose teleporter destination room events
  • First iteration of Russian and German Language support added

Full Patchnotes here:  


Have fun! 


SynthetikInstallerU9.exe 327 MB
Jan 18, 2018
Synthetik DEMO - Try me! 327 MB
Jan 18, 2018

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