Update 2

Patch 2 -------------------------------------------------------

  • Improved Tutorial
  • More enemies & Reduced armor of armored enemies 
  • Implemented Vehicle spawns in Floor 2&4
  • Toxic and Bleed ammo rework & effects + colored bullets
  • Faster Player movement
  • Removed 90% of known crashes
  • Improved infight performance
  • New Coil Pistol for Guardian and XM4 Coil Rifle as drop
  • Replaced sounds for varied weapons and pistols
  • Added ambient sounds to machines
  • More HON ammo + VEC accuracy
  • Elites always drop pickups
  • Injection gains cooldown from vials
  • Reworked camera; faster and has more range
  • Fixed generic perks being removed
  • Fixed doubled items from terminals
  • Fixed weaponchests missing
  • Fixed some quests & Ultra Variant spawning too much
  • Added icon for mind control and disorient effects
  • Fixed Music volume slider + Tons of other fixes
  • Added (WIP) dash cooldown icon
  • Reworked one Room - more to come
  • Added 2 more temporary rooms to floor 3
  • +Many small changes

The next patch will focus on Floor 3 and Floor 4 and work on the bosses, then preparations for the online coop will be made

This patch also marks the end of the first beta test. Stay tuned for the online coop beta if you don't own the game already! 

Have fun! 


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Sep 18, 2017

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